Saturday, November 19, 2011

La Mar: Peruvian Cebiche

La Mar New York is part of a chain of high end Peruvian restaurants located around the world.  Their new branch at 11 Madison Avenue was formally home to Danny Meyer's Tabla. Nice restaurant with two floors.  They have a fairly large bar. Perfect for mingling and getting your game on! Wink, Wink. We came on a Saturday night and crowd was pretty diverse. During the week, expect a "better" crowd. After all, 11 Madison Avenue is home to Credit Suisse. There are several big companies around the area. Expect those employees to show up here.

OMG was my reaction to the three cebiche tasting dish ($24). The tuna, shrimp, and the salmon was so FRESH. The leche de tigre which is the juice of the cebiche was probably one of the best I have ever tried. Yeah the portions are small but so what! It was that good and price is justified. Absolutely delicious! Made to perfection! Jeez, I can't remember the last time food was this enjoyable. This left me impressed and I hope to return PRONTO!

For my main entree, I had the lomo saltado ($29) which is wok sautéed certified angus hangar steak with onions, tomatoes, scallions, fried quail egg and organic french fries with a side of arroz con choclo. I would order this dish again, it was that yummy. If you eat steak, then go with this. I'm trying to make your life easy here with the ordering! 

My Peruvian friend had aji de gallina ($27) made with creamy Peruvian stew of chicken, organic market potatoes, quail egg, botija olives and micro greens served with a side of arroz con choclo. She claimed it was as good as her mothers. Her only complaint was that considering it was prepared with aji, it wasn't spicy enough. Her partner ordered Jalea ($16) which consist of crispy fish belly, octopus, sweet shrimp, calamari, yucca, plantains and cancha with an ensalada chalaca and he loved it. Totally recommends it. My Colombian friend ordered ají de gallina fritters ($14) consisting of empanada, tequeño and croqueta with mashed avocado, rocoto cream and olive sauce. He wasn't impressed yet he wouldn't share with me and ate the whole damn thing. It looked yummy so I plan on ordering during my next visit. I was left with the cravings! :(

We all agreed on the following: Great food but expensive. Tab adds up quickly. Appetizers are served in tiny portions.  Pisco Sour, a traditional Peruvian alcoholic drink is a must order.

Attention Casanovas: If you are planning to have a romantic date, this might not be the place. Dining tables are so freakin wide, that you have to stretch your neck to hear each other. Table prevents you from playing footsie...just looking out for ya!

11 Madison Avenue @ 25th Street
New York, NY


  1. Mmmm I will have to check this out when I'm next home! Too many restaurants, not enough time (OR $$$!!)

  2. Tell me about it, I'm gonna have to start a fundraiser to pay for my dining expenses!

  3. I love peruvian food, specially the two dishes you listed here are the only dishes I would forever eat. Ceviche and Lomito Saltado have been in my veins since I was a kid in Ecuador. I never knew how good Peruvian ceviche was until I met a friend from Peru, she also introduced me to Leche de tigre with the toasted corn, it is the only way to have it. Some places serve Leche de tigre with a shot of Pisco, which is a peruvian brandy.

    I highly recommend you venture out to Queens in Roosevelt where there is a restaurant I frequent called El pollo dorado, that is also affordable.

  4. The cebiche tasting was to die for! I will def take a look at El Pollo Dorado. Thanks!